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PCJC is a Fellowship of Churches and Ministries who believes in the Pentecost experience according to the book of Acts chapter two.


PCJC Believes that this experience was the birthing of the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ and that this experience goes beyond the walls of denomination and organization and is relevant to this 21st century church age.


PCJC Believes that this Pentecost experience is part of the Kingdom message and should be preached in all the world, not as a denomination or organization but as an experience that brings Deliverance, Freedom and Power to every believer.


PCJC is a Fellowship of Churches and Ministries that strongly believe in LIFE on earth.  We believe that the church is the salt of the earth and should be the manifestation of the Kingdom message. Therefore we the PCJC are learning to LIVE the good LIFE on earth through the Kingdom of God.


PCJC is a Fellowship of Churches and Ministries that stand firm on the LOVE of Jesus Christ and believe that this same LOVE should be manifested in the lives of all who are apart of the fellowship.


Our founder the Late Bishop Kenneth Moales Sr. was our example of this kind of LOVE and reminded us daily of 1 Cor. chapter 13 now abideth faith hope and LOVE but the greatest of these is LOVE.


PCJC Believes that this same LOVE will draw many to our Fellowship as it drew MILLIONS to the ministry of Jesus Christ.



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